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HAGO Electronics is a supplier, producer, importer and consultant in the field of communication systems. We also install systems in industrial new-build, offices, homes for the elderly, government agencies, hotels, schools, service companies, the replacement market, etc.Where necessary, HAGO Electronics will design a specific system for you, or adapt one to your needs. Custom electronics is one of our strong points. The effective solutions used by HAGO Electronics result in technically advanced, highly user-friendly systems. HAGO Electronics has an enormous amount of in-house knowledge and experience in the area of parking communication and intercom systems. That's why large companies and organisations use our technical products on a daily basis.
What we are doing:

In addition to the standard systems like the LKS ticket office intercom, ShipCom ship's intercom, ParCom parking intercom, SHP 240 school/audio switchboard system etc., HAGO Electronics is also the importer for the following brands: HGA Gehrke intercom; DNH loudspeaker; Farfisa internal telephone systems; Uniton audio equipment; Speakabus dealing room intercom. We also have the in-house expertise to adapt individual systems to meet the communication requirements of your company. This applies both to the scope of the system and to coordinating the system to very specific needs. The HAGO Electronics specialists will be pleased to assist you in devising a solution that fits your situation perfectly.

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For further information about the individual systems please click on one of the buttons on the left. This will tell you all about the possibilities.
SHP 8 station

The system consists of: software, central unit in wall enclosure and speakers. From the PC you make the connection with one of several speakers. Fast and clear announcements throughout the entire of part of the school community is easy to realize with the SHP-8. The intern clock with 8 channels, by choice synchronized with an internet clock, gives a regularly and accurate school time signal.

School/sound IP or analog and time signals SHP 8

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Your partner in voice communication !!
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