Gehrke Intercom systems

Gehrke NeuroKom

connection RJ 45
voice over IP
7 buttons and 3 programmelble
data connection possible
2 watt loudspeaker amplifier
echo canceling duplex
power PoE
no central unit
each station his own web page for adjustment
tphonebook function
USB connection for extra options

HGA intercom stations

desk station with or without display
build in with or without display
industrial types
explosion proof types
special types
station for prisons
special types

Gehrke Multicom 2600/3000

cable 4 wires
exchange from 32 up to .......
connection between sound/telephone possible
relais contacts
connection with PC
box or 19 inch frame

Gehrke Multiswitch 4000

cable 2 or 4 wires
based ISDN
exchange from 16 up to ......
each connection possibilitys for data
many extra connections possible
box or 19 inch frame